In this post we are going to install the Metasploit 2 linux distribution. If you are thinking “What the hell is Metasploitable”, i’m here to answer your question. Essentially Metasploitable is a purposely vulnerable machine. It’s used to practice exploitation techniques, it’s also perfect for new starters. While we will not be jumping into exploiting this Virtual Machine straight away, we will need it installed for later use.

Let’s head over to the SourceForge page and download Metasploitable. Once you are on the page, just hit the green download page and wait for the file to download, as of writing it is 833mb. it shouldn’t take too long.

Now that the file has downloaded, unzip it and head over to the Virtualbox Software that we downloaded in the first post.

Click New.

Enter the details below in the options screen:

  1. Name = Metasploitable-2
  2. Type = Linux
  3. Version = Ubuntu (64 Bit)

  1. Enter 1024 (1GB RAM).
  2. Click Next.

  1. Select “Use an existing Hard Disk File”.
  2. Hit the small folder icon.
  3. Navigate to the Metasploitable file we downloaded earlier.
  4. Click Create

Metasploitable-2 should now be available within VirtualBox.

Launch the VM via clicking on Metasploitable-2, then Start the machine via the navigation bar.

Once the machine boots up you should be greeted with the below screen. The default login is:

  1. Username – msfadmin.
  2. Password – msfadmin.

That’s it for this post. Stay tuned for the next post, where we will be configuring the NAT network.

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