This post will attempt to guide you through what you will need to start practising hacking. In my experience, you want to set-up a number of things before getting started with anything.

Installing Virtualbox

First and foremost you will require some virtualization software. This will allow us to run another guest operating system on top of our host system (While it is still running), I would advise using Virtualbox for this. Installation files for Virtualbox can be found here. Select your operating system from the selection and follow the instructions, once Virtualbox is installed please also download the Extension Pack found here.

Downloading the Kali Image

Now that our Virtualization software has been installed. We can make our way over the Offensive Security downloads page and download the Virtualbox image for Kali Linux. Please ensure you select the correct virtualization software when selecting which download. It will give you two options for Virtulization software, one for “Kali Linux VMWare Images” and the other for “Kali Linux Virtualbox Images”. You need the Virtualbox Image, please select which version you require, 64bit or 32bit. You also have two options to download the image, if you click on the file which ends with “Ova”.


Kali is essentially going to be our penetration testing focused platform. Kali Linux is a fantastic distribution built on the Debian flavour of Linux. It comes pre-packaged with whole host of tools which will make exploiting machines a joy. Using this preconfigured VBOX image means we can just import the entire OS without having to go through the entire installation.

Importing the Kali Image into Virtualbox

To import the image into Virtualbox please do the following

  • Launch Virtualbox.
  • Click the “File” tab and select “Import Appliance” (See Below)

  • Navigate to the installation file we downloaded via clicking on the folder icon. (Below Image).

  • Select the Kali Vbox image we and select Open.

  • After a few minutes the machine should be imported.
  • To launch the machine, double click the Kali Image in the left hand side of the Virtualbox Software.

  • The default username and password are, Username:Root, Password:Toor. You can have a play around with Kali if you wish to, however we will be covering Linux commands alongside an overview of Kali in later posts.


In the next post we will be covering how to install Metasploitable 3.



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