Our web application penetration test aims to identify security issues resulting from insecure web applications.

What does the solution include?

  • Assessing the web applications for flaws and vulnerabilities, common vulnerabilities include:
    • SQL Injection.
    • XSS (Cross-Site Scripting).
    • XML Injection.
    • Redirection.
    • Port Mapping errors.
    • Denial-of-Service. (DDoS)

Why assess your website?

If a vulnerability is exploited by an attacker, they can make their way through your organization and do untold damage. This can include, capturing sensitive data, dropping entire database tables or possibly effecting operational performance of your servers to disrupt normal service. The only way to ensure your web application is secure, is to have it tested by a team of security professionals.   

What are the benefits of a web application penetration test?

Our testing will help you:

  • Understand what vulnerabilities might by present on your website.
  • Keep untrusted data separate from commands and queries.
  • Develop trusted authentication mechanisms and session management controls.
  • Create a risk management profiles to better understand the motivations and capabilities of adversaries.
  • Improve overall access control.
  • Prevent unwarranted data leakage from improper security controls.

What will the assessment entail?

  1. Scoping: Before engaging with clients, our team will discuss your assessment requirements for your websites or applications to define the scope of the test.
  2. Reconnaissance: Our team will analyse the public facing infrastructure using multiple industry standard tools. Once we have assessed the overall infrastructure we will assess the vulnerabilities present.
  3. Assessment: Using the information obtained from reconnaissance, we begin testing the targets ensuring that we do not disrupt normal service. Using the most modern tools and resources available, we will attempt to breach your services using the means an attacker would. Our team of professionals are all professional ethical hackers, the techniques they use emulate real life attacks.
  4. Reporting: All our findings will be professionally presented by our teams. We go through multiple iterations in the reporting phase, this ensures that all the assessment findings are completely verified.
  5. Re-test: After the report is handed in to your company. We will retest the infrastructure to ensure the errors have been corrected.

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