Our Cyber Awareness 101 training programme is now officially launched! The course aims to provide companies and individuals with a general understanding of modern information security threats. Learn how attackers are utilizing social engineering to get a foothold into your company. Understand what happens when an employee clicks on a phishing email, and the countermeasures that can be put in place to mitigate this. We have the landscape covered and hope you enjoy this course as much as we enjoyed creating it. You can pick and chose which elements best fit your business and get a price based on your needs.

Why do companies need cyber awareness?

  • To mitigate the risk of a cyber security breach because of human error.
  • Develop policies based off the current threats faced by companies.
  • Enhance the awareness of the staff so they can cut through the jargon and get straight to the point. 

The course syllabus is below, please note we can cater to the demands of the business

Threats & Vulnerabilities– An in depth overview of cyber threat landscape. This module covers what the major threats to business are, how you can put in policies to defend against these threats and how common vulnerabilities occur due to mismanagement of the company infrastructure.P

Password Security – Password security is important, preventing lackluster passwords across your organization can go a long way to preventing attackers from brute-forcing them. In this lecture we cover the importance of a secure password policy, how attackers break your passwords and a general overview of how passwords are stored in a databases.

Phishing & Spear-phishing – We are all aware of the phishing techniques used by criminals to obtain our sensitive information these days. Attackers are resorting to more intrusive and cunning techniques to extract our information. We cannot always trust our emails if they appear to be coming from a known source, spear-phishing is becoming increasingly common, learn how to spot the various types of phishing emails and what policies can be put in place to mitigate this threat. 

Social Engineering – Understand the tricks of the social engineer and how they use psychological manipulation to trick people in performing actions or divulging confidential information. The Social Engineer aims to trick people for the purpose of information gathering, gaining system access or simply to tarnish your companies reputation. 

Open Source Intelligence Gathering – This module covers the techniques used by OSINT experts to extract as much information about you as possible. This goes hand in hand with the tactics of the social engineer, you would not believe the amount of information that can be extracted online using targeted techniques. How secure is your social media profile? Are you posting too much information about your companies infrastructure in job posts?. These are the questions we will look into. This module includes a live demonstration from our resident OSINT expert. How much information can he find about you? 

Wireless Networks – We go deep into the security of wireless networks, how attackers can obtain your password over the air to crack off-line. We also cover the network security implementations that can be put in place to enhance the wireless segment of your organization.

Home Workers – We cover the policies and best practices for mobile workers. How VPN can be secured and enhanced disk encryption. 

Malware and Payloads – Understand how attackers craft there exploit code to include a payload. This module includes live examples of what happens when an attacker takes control of your machine. 

Physical Security Matters  RFID chips, locked cabinets and disk encryption. This modules cover the policies every company should put in place to prevent people from trespassing on company grounds, we educate users on how “Smart Cards” can be cloned by the social engineer to access your building. 

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) – Companies are increasingly understanding the importance of 2FA. We cover security questions, challenge and response mechanisms and generic website 2FA. 

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